Why Are We Building Topicurious?

Welcome to the Sifting generation!
Our Mission

Twitter is an incredible source for interesting content, clever people, and compelling conversation. However, it's also an endless stream of random tweets that wastes too much of our time.

We spend most of our time on Twitter following PEOPLE, rather than TOPICS, so we're constantly at the mercy of what OTHER PEOPLE want us to read. This means most of our time is spent reading tweets that aren't important to us.

Compare this to Google for a moment. On Google, when we ask for information on a topic, we're immediately presented with highly-relevant information. This is why Google basically owns the internet. They're really good at giving us what we want, when we want it. Yes, we can search on Twitter too, but the results are far too random and noisy.

Our mission at Topicurious is to build a tool that helps to reduce the amount time you waste reading tweets you're not interested in, and to make it easier and faster to engage with the people that matter most to you.
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