Social Sifting vs. Social Listening

Social Sifting vs. Social Listening

Sep 14, 2017

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Social listening is critical to success on Twitter. However, effective social listening is more than simply replying to mentions and tracking keywords. We propose that you should instead be social sifting. What is social sifting, you ask? Read on...

Social Listening is Essential

If you're a Community Manager, Social Salesperson, or Social Media Marketer, you already know how important it is to be good at social listening; it is critical to success on Twitter.

However, in today's noisy social world, to stand out from the crowd and accelerate the growth of your engaged community, you may want to consider a more advanced strategy called, "social sifting".

Social Listening 101

The most obvious intent of social listening is to monitor social media channels for mentions of your (personal or corporate) brand so that you can reply and interact with your community.

Social Listening 201

The second level of social listening usually requires the use of a tool or app designed specifically for social listening or monitoring. There are many apps on the market that allow you to input and monitor relevant keywords and hashtags to proactively find people discussing or sharing content on topics relevant to your organization.

However, there's a problem with typical social listening tools...

Social media is a living breathing organism. 

The topics being discussed literally change by the minute and it's impossible to know all the right keyword and hashtag streams you could be engaging in. It's simply not feasible to be constantly changing the keywords and hashtags you monitor.

If you're like most social media users, you simply don't know all the topics that interesting and relevant in the Twitterverse, until you SEE them.

Keyword Tracking is Too Limiting

If you rely on specific keywords and hashtags, you're missing an enormous amount of content and conversation you could be engaging in to grow your community and to strengthen existing relationships.

The best community managers, social salespeople, and social media marketers of the future are those who want to be more proactive than their peers who rely only on traditional social listening tools.

For this reason, we submit to you...  social listening is so 2015!

In 2016 and beyond, a more advanced strategy is required to up your social listening game to accelerate the growth and improve the quality of your engaged community.

We called this new strategy: Social Sifting.

What is Social Sifting?

Social sifting is not about tracking specific keywords and hashtags. Rather, social sifting is about filtering out the noise and discovering the interesting and relevant topics happening in your community.

Social sifting strategies will save you time and allow you to focus your efforts on only the topics, tweets, content, and people that matter most to you or your organization.

Twitter Lists Help... sort of.

If you already use Twitter Lists to categorize people and "quiet the noise", you're on the right track, but admit it; even your carefully-curated Twitter Lists are still too noisy and overwhelming. Even though you spend a lot of time putting people on Lists, it is still too cumbersome to proactively engage with more people than you do today.

Topicurious V4 is All About Social Sifting

The next version of Topicurious (V4) is going to make not only your Home Timeline more useful, but it will also make your Twitter Lists even more powerful.

Rather than having to scroll through the randomness of tweets in your Twitter Lists, you'll be presented with a "word cloud" of topics in those lists which will help you discover more relevant content, people, and conversation to engage with.

There are many other powerful tools we're building to help you with your new social sifting strategy. 

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